Monday, April 11, 2011

Yet another transition...

Yeah, I might say I'm getting rather tired of the idea of moving..but just a little bit. Due to some apartment policy changes, we may be released from our lease (less than 4 months in) and have to find a new place within 30 days. This is usually an easy task, but we have German Shepherds. Its nearly impossible to find a place to rent that will allow them. Apartments, town homes, condos, and rental houses alike seem to have the same insurance stuff preventing our dogs from being allowed. We aren't really ready to buy a house, so I spend a lot of time on craigslist looking for possibilities. We should know everything by Tuesday. Except the government shutdown part, that's on like Thursday.

The weather has been gorgeous and I am thrilled to have spent a few days in Long Beach, CA a few weeks ago. It wasn't the outer banks, but it was a nice solitary time with sand, the ocean, and lots of walking. It was therapeutic and inspiring. It stirred up desires to do crazy things like walk every inch of coastline in America, or hike the Appalachian trail. If I wasn't a (crazy happily) married woman, I just might try an adventure like that. For now, I'll take the wonderful adventures set before me.

I did begin journaling again in CA. Sitting on the beach, no cares, no responsibilities, it just felt good to start writing again. I feel like I'm thinking a little more clearly and processing better because of it. Its always helped me to put pen to paper.

I can only pray that the helpful habits continue, and that I see sin die more and more each day. My affections for my own anger, selfishness, and entitlement have been a disease in me. One day at a time, building and focusing.


Monday, December 13, 2010

What a winter this will be.

There is a lot going on around the Norman household right now. With our new puppy, everything seems to be a little more...exciting? We love her, but she sure is a puppy.

I have an incredible assortment of thoughts going on. I don't think Matt and I will know how to process this move until we get there on Saturday and see our new apartment. We'll be dropping off our stuff, arranging, sight-seeing, then heading home for Christmas. We wont really get to settle in until the new year. What a way to start a year, right? Whole new place to live, whole new city, whole new jobs. I'm looking forward to building a list of things to do day by day. I want photo taking/editing to be at the top of it. School work will also take up priority again, as will a lot more activity-based things. I would love to be biking and walking/jogging a lot more. Hopefully with the dogs, and friends. Friends would be nice.

I guess the real thoughts will be flowing in January, when all the real adjusting happens. For now I'm just packing everything we have and trying to remember Christmas presents at the same time. craziness. At least I wont have to put up/take down any Christmas decorations this year. I am quite happy about that.